About Us

TAPS is one of the largest providers of free, face-to-face legal advocacy for people with income assistance, disability benefits, employment standards, and tenancy issues.

We help over 7,000 people in Victoria each year!

TAPS also provides legal education and training through seminars, and produces a newsletter, TAPROOT, with updated legal information that is widely distributed throughout Greater Victoria.


Doug King, Hannah Mang-Wooley, Riley Vaskic, Emily Rogers, Dan Jackson, Madyson Powell, Irene McGee, Caitlin Wright, and Thea McDonagh

TAPS advocates help people in the Victoria area with matters that involve any of the following:

  • Provincial disability (PWD) applications & appeals

  • Income assistance (welfare)

  • Employment standards disputes

  • Residential tenancy disputes

  • Income tax for low-income earners

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