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Although Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson has ruled that Super Intent City must be dismantled, there can be no doubt that its existence led to a historic victory in the struggle to provide homes to the homeless across our region — a victory fought for and won by the homeless themselves, with help from compassionate supporters.

A conservative estimate for the total investment in housing solutions, directly and indirectly attributable to the existence of the tent city, is $86 million,...

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  • TAPS Income Assistance Legal Advocacy - served 2,240 individuals and families living in poverty. More than 50% of them had been unjustly denied benefits for food and housing.
  • TAPS Tenant Legal Advocacy Project - helped 1,345 people with tenancy issues, ensuring safe, secure and ongoing housing.
  • TAPS Employment Standards Legal Advocacy Project - assisted 293 low-wage workers with information and representation, ensuring job safety and security.
  • TAPS Volunteer Disability Advocacy Project - assisted 578 people living with disabilities apply for disability benefits. TAPS Federal Disability Advocacy Project assisted 852 with applications and appeals for CPP-D benefits, fulfilling a deep need in the community.
  • TAPS Community Volunteer Income Tax Project assisted 1,237 people become eligible for $1,833,000 in federal and provincial tax refunds and credits.