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VTAG Public Launch

The Victoria Tenant Action Group (VTAG) is a newly formed group of tenants and allies who are concerned about renters' rights - particularly the displacement of renters - in the Capital Regional District.

VTAG is looking for supporters and members who are interested in offering peer support, addressing common tenancy concerns, and taking action to bring the power of the collective voice to the attention of decision-makers and the public at large.

Please join us at our Public...

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  • TAPS Income Assistance Legal Advocacy - served 2,634 individuals and families living in poverty. More than 50% of them had been unjustly denied benefits for food and housing.
  • TAPS Tenant Legal Advocacy Project - helped 1,696 people with tenancy issues, ensuring safe, secure and ongoing housing.
  • TAPS Employment Standards Legal Advocacy Project - assisted 359 low-wage workers with information and representation, ensuring job safety and security.
  • TAPS Volunteer Disability Advocacy Project - assisted 1377 people living with disabilities apply for disability benefits. TAPS Federal Disability Advocacy Project assisted 579 with applications and appeals for CPP-D benefits, fulfilling a deep need in the community.
  • TAPS Community Volunteer Income Tax Project assisted 1,194 people become eligible for $1.7 million in federal and provincial tax refunds and credits.