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Volunteer Disability Advocacy Project (VDAP)

TAPS’ Volunteer Disability Advocacy Project (VDAP) provides support to people applying for the provincial Persons with Disability (PWD) designation through the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction.


The project aims to help individuals navigate the complex and lengthy provincial disability application process and provide assistance to medical professionals as needed. Volunteers work directly with applicants to complete the application, help them communicate with their physicians, and review the completed application to ensure that the information provided is accurate and consistent.


VDAP helps hundreds of clients navigate the provincial disability application every year. Many applicants have a difficult time managing the application, and having the support of a volunteer advocate can make all the difference. Volunteers are at the heart of this project and we are always thrilled to have more folks join our team. 


Prior to engaging in advocacy work, volunteers attend a four-part training program delivered by the  VDAP Project Coordinator. The training reviews the application process, legislation, and professional standards of advocacy. Once the training is complete, new advocates are paired with experienced advocates to observe several interview sessions in order to see advocacy skills and methods in action. VDAP advocates are supported and supervised by the Project Coordinator.


If you are interested in becoming a VDAP volunteer you can call the TAPS office at 250-361-3521 or email our Project Coordinator, Megan, at vdap(at)

For help with federal disability (CPP-D) applications and issues, please contact the Action Committee for People with Disabilities (ACPD)  at 250-383-4105 or the Victoria Disability Resource Centre at 250-595-0044.  

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