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Board of Directors

TAPS is always interested in hearing from people who may be interested in serving on our Board of Directors. The TAPS Board of Directors helps to support staff and the TAPS Executive Director through the facilitation of office policies and initiatives, budgeting, and other various forms of guidance.

TAPS relies on its board of directors to provide a diverse balance of skills, qualities, and experience. Our board meets once per month, in addition to committee meetings as needed. Commitment to approximately 6 hours per month of attending meetings and participating in committee work is required. Directors are expected to work to become and remain knowledgeable about TAPS’s structure, programs, budgets and strategic directions.

Our board values the lived experience of institutional poverty and experience with the intersections of poverty and other sources of marginalization. We value connection with the local non-profit community and local Indigenous communities and organizations. Our collective mission is to better the lives of persons living in poverty through legal advocacy and public legal education. We aim to highlight the voices and perspectives of people who live in poverty and understand that causes of poverty are in the social, economic and political institutions of our society – not the “failings” of the individual.

Our board is currently seeking expertise or experience in the following areas:

• Fundraising (including fundraising strategy)
• Event planning
• Finance and accounting
• Leadership, human resources, and volunteer recruitment
• Connection to local Indigenous communities and organizations
• Lived experience with the effects of poverty and other intersections of marginalization


TAPS currently has the following Board Committees: 

  • Fundraising - Supports staff to come up with new ideas for fundraising initiatives, and helps to organize fundraising events like Tapas for TAPS, our annual fundraiser at the Heron Rock Bistro. 

  • Indigenous Initiatives - Helping to guide TAPS' commitment to reconciliation, and working to better our alliances and relationships with First Nations service providers and clients. 

  • Executive Committee - The TAPS President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary, working with the Executive Director to organize Board meetings and troubleshoot operational problems as they arise. 

If you think you might be a good fit for our board, and would like to volunteer your time, please fill out the form below to get in touch. 

I'm interested in joining!

Thank you for getting in touch, someone from our Board or Staff will be in touch shortly.

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