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Why Guard Dogs that Don't Shed much? - 2022 Guide

In addition to being man’s best friend, dogs serve various purposes. Some people keep them as guards, some as service dogs, and others as pets and emotional support animals. It seems like people are just looking for reasons to keep a dog. You should keep in mind that your dogs will be needing double training for performing the duties of guarding and emotionally supporting their owner. Some of the best guard dogs do not shed much and can also be kept as esa letter for housing.

Do you want to get a new ESA dog? Or do you want to keep your guard dog as an ESA? Well, do not worry, you can get a new ESA dog or keep your old guard dog as an ESA. All you have to do is get an emotional support animal letter from a licensed medical practitioner. The letter will be issued after your psychological evaluation.

You may love all dogs but which dog you bring to your house depends on your particular needs. There are few dogs that are best guarding dogs, while there are some that are best as emotional support animals. There are also few dogs that can serve the duties of both a guard dog as well as those of an ESA dog.

But what if you are allergic? Well, don’t fret. There are many hypoallergenic guard dogs that you can keep as emotional support animals. These dog breeds are widely known for not shedding hair, which makes them a perfect choice for those people who have allergies. Many of these dogs actually shed hair, but their coats are so dense that the hair is entangled in the surrounding fur.

Without an ESA letter, you would have to worry about the “no pets” policies of travel agencies as well as that of buildings and parks, etc. Therefore, it is crucial that you get your ESA letter. Otherwise, you can be separated from your ESA dog while boarding a flight or entering a building with a “no pet” policy.


Poodles might not come to your mind when you think of a guard dog. It is true that poodles are sensitive dogs and lack the aggressiveness of a guard dog. However, with proper training and temperament, poodles can become effective guarding dogs. They are commonly kept as ESAs because of their furry coats, watery eyes, and interactive nature. They also do not shed much, which makes them a perfect choice for people with allergies.


These dogs are bred to be the chief protectors of the herds of cattle. They are aggressively protective and always keep an eye on strangers. These days they are kept as guard dogs in households. Their thick coat very rarely sheds, and when it does, it comes off as a dreadlock, which is not easily inhaled. Therefore, they become a great hypoallergenic ESA choice.

Irish Water Spaniels

These dogs have all the traits necessary for being a guard dog as well as an ESA. They have no undercoat and do not shed much because they have very tightly curled fur. The hair they shed get entangled and only comes off on brushing. They are snuggly but also alert and never let their owner down both as an ESA and as guard dogs.

Wire Fox Terrier

These are known for not shedding much hair and make a great choice for people who need hypoallergenic ESAs and guard dogs. They are fiercely protective of their own belongings as well as those of their owners. They are watchful and make necessary noise when needed.

So now you can make an informed decision with regards to your emotional support needs! You can apply for an esa letter online from

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