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Tenancy branch rejects investigation into View Towers landlords amid complaints

The Residential Tenancy Branch has turned down a request from a Victoria poverty advocacy group to investigate the landlords of View Towers, despite numerous complaints from tenants that they were forced out of their low-income rental suites after a major fire in May.

The Together Against Poverty Society (TAPS) filed a lengthy application asking the branch to investigate Westsea Construction based on alleged “systemic contraventions” of the Residential Tenancy Act, said the society’s executive director, Stephen Portman.

The branch turned down the request, saying in a letter: “While you have brought a serious matter to our attention, I note that the concerns you have raised on behalf of the tenants have been resolved through the dispute resolution process.”

Two tenants who filed complaints with the Residential Tenancy Branch about not being allowed to retrieve their belongings from their suites were eventually given access by the landlord. Portman said there were many more displaced tenants with concerns who don’t have the resources to file formal complaints with the branch.

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