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TAPS Submission to the City of Victoria on Minimum Unit Requirements

Read the full text of the letter from Together Against Poverty Society which was sent to Victoria Mayor and Council regarding the need for minimum unit sizes in the Downtown Area (link below). 

There will be a public meeting on December 14, 2017 to address changes to zoning laws. Members of the public can speak directly to City Council at the meeting about the need for minimum unit sizes, and request an amendment to the proposed laws to make that happen. Affordability and livability are both crucially important in serving the interest of low income Victorians, and it is our view that allowing developers to build units under 33m2, roughly the size of two city parking stalls, compromises livability without a guarantee of increased affordability on balance. For middle and upper class residents, living in tiny condos can be a choice – but for the City’s most marginalized, which includes families, people with disabilities, and seniors, appropriately-sized and affordable living spaces are a necessity. 

The meeting begins at 6:30 pm at City Hall and members of the public can speak by showing up at the hearing, or can submit their thoughts by email to councillors(at)

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