Income Assistance

The Income Assistance Legal Advocacy Project provides legal services in respect to income security, and in particular, issues that fall under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Social Development & Poverty Reduction. Our Services Include:


  • Providing information and advice about rights and responsibilities while receiving provincial income or disability assistance.

  • Providing support through information requests, investigations, and other disclosures related to provincial assistance[JM1] 

  • Help appealing Ministry decisions through the request for reconsideration process

  • Representation at  Employment and Assistance Appeals Tribunal hearings.

  • Information and referrals to community resources.

  • Facilitating education sessions on topics relating to income assistance disability assistance.

  • Advocating for legal and social change in respect to income security.


The IA Project works with stakeholders to advance the interests of people living in poverty on a systemic level. Recent and current activities include:


  • Participating in consultations regarding the BC Poverty Reduction Strategy

  • Serving on the provincial Poverty Reduction Strategy Forum to advise on the BC poverty reduction plan and legislation

  • Working with legal advocates across the province to address Ministry access issues.

  • Advocating for policy change with the Ministry and the Employment and Assistance Appeal Tribunal to address access to justice issues.

  • Collaborate with community partners through the Community Action Plan on Discrimination to address individual and systemic discrimination in Victoria



Community Resources:

  • Ministry of Social Development & Poverty Reduction – Victoria Office

    • Basic income and disability support, including online and over the phone application support

    • 908 Pandora Ave

    • Phone: 1-866-866-0800

    • Fax: 1 855 771-8771



  • Disability Resource Centre

    •  Assistance with CPP-Disability and Persons with Disability applications, knowledge of other services and supports for people with disabilities.

    • Address: 817A Fort St

    • Phone: (250) 595-0044

  • Law Centre:

    • Advice, assistance, and legal representation for people with legal issues who cannot afford a lawyer.

    • Address: 225-850 Burdett Avenue

    • Phone: 250-385-1221

    • Website:


  • Vancouver Island Human Rights Coalition

    • Service for people experiencing discrimination. Assistance with filing human rights complaints under the BC Human Rights Code.

    • Address: 418-620 View Street

    • Phone: 250-382-3012

    • Website:




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