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Employment Standards

The Employment Standards Legal Advocacy Project (ESLAP) provides legal services concerning employment standards rights, and in particular, issues that fall under the jurisdiction of the Employment Standards Branch.


Our services include:

  • Providing information and advice about your rights and responsibilities in the workplace.

  • Supporting employees to resolve conflict with their employers.

  • Helping employees navigate Employment Standard Branch (ESB) mediations, hearings, and investigations.

  • Proving advice or representation at for appeal hearings in front of the Employment Standards Tribunal.

  • Providing information and referrals to community resources.

  • Facilitating education sessions on topics relating to workers’ rights.

  • Advocating for legal and social change to advance the rights of workers.


ESLAP works with stakeholders to advance the interests of workers on a systemic level.

Recent and current activities include:

  • Acting as members of the BC Employment Standards Coalition.

  • Participating in policy consultations with the provincial government to improve the minimum standards for workplaces set out in the Employment Standards Act.

  • Advocating for policy and procedural change in the Employment Standards Branch to address access to justice issues.

  • Working with unions and employment standards legal advocates across the province to address access to justice issues.

  • Working with organizations supporting the migrant and newcomer workforce to improve protections to these particularly vulnerable workers,

  • Speaking with local media to discuss workers’ issues and policy ideas.


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Community Resources


  • WorkSafeBC

    • Access information and file complaints about health and safety in your workplace.

    • Address: 4514 Chatterton Way

    • Health & safety info: 1.888.621.SAFE

    • File or information about a claim: 1.888.967.5377 

    • Website:


  • Law Centre

    • Advice, assistance, and legal representation for people with legal issues who cannot afford a lawyer.

    • Address: 225-850 Burdett Avenue

    • Phone: 250-385-1221

    • Website:


  • Vancouver Island Human Rights Coalition

    • Service for people experiencing discrimination. Assistance with filing human rights complaints under the BC Human Rights Code.

    • Address: 418-620 View Street

    • Phone: 250-382-3012

    • Website:

TAPS would like to thank the following unions, locals, and labour councils who support us in our work through generous contributions:


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