A Win for Tenants


Adapted from CLAS/TAPS press release

Former residents of Super-in-Tent City, a tent city formerly located on the Victoria law courts property, have received a decision from the BC Supreme Court affirming their rights as tenants in the social housing building at 844 Johnson Street, which was set up to house them when the tent city was dismantled.

The decision dismisses an appeal brought by the Portland Hotel Society (PHS), a non-profit supportive housing provider and operator of the property at 844 Johnson Street, and affirms the findings of the Residential Tenancy Branch that tenants in the building are covered under the Residential Tenancy Act and should be afforded all the same rights as tenants who reside in market housing. The decision also mandates that blanket guest restrictions, like those imposed on the tenants at 844 Johnson Street, are illegal and must be removed.

The above is adapted from the press release issued by TAPS and Community Legal Assistance Society. See the full press release at www.tapsbc.ca, or drop into the TAPS office to read a paper copy.