Update from the Front Lines of Super InTent City


Stephen Portman

TAPS has been working diligently to ensure the protection of the rights of those sheltering on the courthouse property. The homeless campers who have been on the grounds since this past fall have built a community now widely known as Super InTent City (SIC). The rights of people to seek out shelter where no appropriate alternatives exist has been affirmed by the courts twice in British Columbia, and yet there is still a very real fear that the province could move in at any time to disband the camp.

The members of SIC have provided an important lesson to decision makers in BC. The current parental approach to homelessness and poverty is not working and is in many ways counterproductive. People need to be meaningfully involved in whatever solutions are being undertaken to alleviate the symptoms of poverty. Should the province continue its chosen approach by evicting the people from the only legitimate housing option available, they will demonstrate that they have failed to grasp this important and foundational lesson. 

TAPS continues to stand in solidarity with the homeless and those who are housing-insecure to ensure that the rights of all people are respected. We hope this stand will not take the members of SIC to the courts, but should it come to that we are very much prepared.