Take Action! The Victoria Tenant Action Group


By Yuka Kurokawa and Emily Rogers

Are you a renter? Concerned about demovictions? Renovictions? Giant rent increases that force people out of their homes? Then why not join other tenants and their allies in the Victoria Tenant Action Group (VTAG)? Learn about tenant rights. Share your experience. Get peer support. Develop strategies for action. Fight for change. All of us together—one big collective voice—can make decision makers pay attention.

TAPS’ tenant advocates have been working to get this tenants’ rights group up and running, and VTAG’s public launch, on October 11, was buzzing with energy, enthusiasm and ideas. Those who attended expressed concern about the lack of available and affordable housing, the need to build more social housing, difficulty accessing help from the Residential Tenancy Branch, and the failure of the current Residential Tenancy Act to adequately protect tenants.

VTAG has set up different working groups that members can get involved in, like the Policy Working Group, which focuses on bringing in policy changes at the municipal, provincial, and federal levels, the Peer Support Working Group, which focuses on providing support to tenants dealing with challenging tenancy issues, and the Resource Working Group, which is creating educational materials and planning information workshops.

VTAG is building support and now has more than 50 members in the Capital Regional District. We look forward to maintaining this momentum and welcome new members to the movement. Take action! Get involved. Contact us at tenants.victoria@gmail.com or find us on our Facebook page—Victoria Tenant Action Group.