Supervised Consumption Sites Now Open


Lana Fine

In response to the high number of overdoses in the region, Island Health (IH) has named three locations for safe injection sites. The Place of Dignity (POD) is operating through Our Place Society and is open from 6:30am to 9:00pm, at 941 Pandora Avenue.

The second site is at the Portland Hotel Society Residential Outreach Building (the old Central Care Home) at 844 Johnson Street, but is currently closed to the public, only providing services to those living in the building.

The third site is at Rock Bay Landing, at 2920 Bridge Street. The hours of operation are from 7am to 9pm, with harm reduction staff and peer support workers available on site, providing information, referrals to resources, and supervision for safety. The goal is to provide a more integrated, client-centered, supervised consumption site, outreach services, and increased Naloxone training for the public.

For more information contact: Our Place Society 250-388-7112; Portland Hotel Society Residential Outreach Building 250-812-1764; Cool-Aid Society 250-383-6945.