Disability Tax Credit Community Advisory


Ryan Tonkin

Many local residents are unaware of the significant benefits associated with the Disability Tax Credit (DTC). These may include an income tax credit of over $1000 per year, and access to a long-term savings account (RDSP) that can receive thousands of dollars in free contributions from the government. Tax credits can be retroactively claimed for up to ten years, and then paid out in a lump sum. In addition, persons with disabilities can claim missed RDSP contribution entitlements for up to ten years. The DTC is available for disabilities that are both prolonged and severe.

If you or someone you know is seriously restricted in one or more of their basic living activities (speaking, hearing, walking, bowel/bladder function, feeding, dressing or mental functions) the DTC may provide financial benefits. Eligibility does not require prior designation as a person with a disability. TAPS is now assisting people with eligibility assessments and applications for the DTC. Please contact Ryan at fdap@tapsbc.ca.