Be Counted—Vote!



The provincial election is coming up on May 9. In order to vote you must be registered. Early registration closes on April 11, but you can also register when you vote. From April 11 until 4:00 on May 9, you can register and vote at a district electoral office (DEO). Call Elections BC at 1-800-661-8683 after April 10 for the address of your local DEO. You can also register and vote at a polling station on election day.

On election day, you will need to prove your identity and address. There are several ways to do this. You can show one of the following pieces of ID: a BC driver’s licence, a BC Identification Card (BCID), a BC Services Card (with photo), or another card issued by the Government of BC or Canada that shows your name, photo and address. You can show a Certificate of Indian Status issued by the Government of Canada.

Alternatively, you can show two pieces of ID. At least one must have your current address. Examples of acceptable ID are: healthcare card, birth certificate, Social Insurance Number card, Correctional Service Canada Offender Identification Card, income tax assessment notice, government cheque or government cheque stub, utility bill, or prescription medication container, among others. Expired ID is acceptable, as long as the information shown on it is still current.

A voter without acceptable identification can be vouched for by another individual, known as a voucher. The voucher must have the necessary identification documents and be: a registered voter resident in the voter’s electoral district; a spouse, parent, grandparent, adult child, adult grandchild or adult sibling of the voter; or a person with the authority to make personal care decisions for the voter. The voter and the voucher must each make a solemn declaration confirming the voter’s identity and residential address. A voucher who is not the voter’s relative or personal care authority may only vouch for one voter.

If none of the previous options work for you—for example, you do not have an address or adequate ID—you should still be able to vote by having an administrator at an organization whose services you use—for example, a shelter or Our Place—fill out a form called a Confirmation of Residence, confirming that you are a resident or use the services of that organization. Confirmation of Residence forms will be available from April 10 at your local district electoral office.