Stephen Portman

Board, Staff, Volunteer, Student: 


Staff/Volunteer/Student Position: 

Advocacy Lead

Stephen has been working on the frontlines of poverty related social justice initiatives for the past 8 years in BC’s capital city of Victoria. With a belief that equality is advanced through determined and pragmatic approaches that bring people together from a variety of backgrounds, he has applied his post-secondary studies in political science and history to grass roots advocacy. Stephen is the lead organizer behind the Employment Standards Legal Advocacy Project, a first of its kind in BC in the provision of targeted legal advocacy to low income non-unionized workers. A past chair of the Coalition for Public Legal Services, Stephen has long advocated for equal representation and sufficient funding in BC’s Justice System. Lastly, Stephen has provided systemic and individual advocacy in the areas of homelessness, welfare, disability, and tenancy on behalf of thousands of individuals living in poverty on Southern Vancouver Island and across the province. Stephen is presently on an educational leave pursuing a Fellowship in Journalism at the Munk School of Global Affairs.