TAPS' Annual General Meeting



TAPS’ Annual General Meeting was held on November 22, and with 35 people in attendance we reviewed the work of the past year. Our income assistance advocates helped 2565 people on low incomes, our tenant advocates helped 1912 tenants, and our employment standards advocates helped 145 workers. The Volunteer Disability Advocacy Project helped 911 people apply for provincial disability benefits, while our Federal Disability Advocacy Project helped 712 people navigate federal disability programs. TAPS’ newest project, the Outreach Legal Advocacy Project, just got going in the summer and has already helped 103 people. These are not just numbers, but real people accessing income benefits they are entitled to, staying in their homes, getting back wages owed to them, and accessing disability supports.

We said a few good-byes to board members who have reached their six year limit (three consecutive two-year terms): Brenda McBain, TAPS President for the past two years, our Treasurer Tony Pullman, and Michel Janisse. We thank Brenda, Tony and Michel for all they have given to TAPS, and wish them well in the future. Of course, they will remain close to TAPS. Tony will continue as a tax volunteer, and Brenda has whispered that she plans to join our crew of front desk receptionists.

New to the board are Amy Baylis and Jeffrey McEown. We welcome them to TAPS and look forward to working with them in the coming year. We will have the names of the new board president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer in the next issue of the Taproot.

TAPS’ Annual Report is available on our website at www.tapsbc.ca. Or drop into our office to read a hard copy.

On another note: TAPS’ income assistance advocate Jen Matthews and board member Hilary Marks have been appointed to the Minister’s Advisory Forum on Poverty Reduction. We will have more on this in the next issue of Taproot.