The Day and Life of My Gloves


Mitch Lindsay

Living on a penny pinching income, my purchases are limited, seldom and financially difficult, and not just at times, but every moment of every day, coping only as one can as a recipient of disability fragments. After saving and contemplating, I broke down and bought myself some basic winter gloves, grateful to find some at a clearance sale.

On a day not long after getting my gloves, I was woken up by the winter sun shining in my bedroom window; I slowly stretched and sat up; I noticed the time. I had to get moving, or I would miss my bus! I rushed to get ready, packed the things I needed for the day, and set out for the bus stop. I sat and waited a bit, but the bus stop bench is made of cold metal. To stay warm, I set my gloves on the bench and sat on them. When the bus pulled up, I tucked my things away to get ready to board. I got on the bus, sank into a seat, and as the bus pulled away, I looked out the window; I couldn't believe it! My gloves were lying just as I had left them, a forgotten cushion on the bench. If I got off at the next stop and ran back, I could grab them and catch the following bus. So I got off the bus and weaved through the crowd of pedestrians, rushing to get to my gloves, hoping I wouldn't be too late. As I approached the stop, another crowd had formed during the morning rush. As I rounded the last few people blocking my view, I couldn't believe it—my new gloves were gone! My frustration mounted as I reflected on my gloves. Luckily, I had bought them on sale, but even so they’d taken a chunk out of my budget. I’d gotten so comfortable wearing them and having warm hands. And the day was so cold. But I had to continue on my way, as I was already running late for appointments, so I jammed my fists in my pockets and waited for the next bus. Next time I invest in a decent pair of gloves, I will be more careful.

That’s the funny thing about being poor—there’s not a lot of room for error. One moment of absent-mindedness brings consequences that are not easily resolved. After that day, I started again, setting money aside each month toward another pair of gloves.